Finest Produce

As a prime wholesaler of produce across Southern California, it was important for us to take the branding of the business away from the traditional “apple and orange” solution that many produce business use for their brand. We approached our solution by establishing a need to communicate freshness. Form there, we generated a monochromatic system where freshness and the branding could coexist in a playful environment.

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When Patagonia released their 2017 Arbor Packs, there was a beautiful opportunity to conduct a case study that incorporated the backpacks in various forms of functionality. Through our research, it was important for our campaign to reach the women in the household of families where the male may already be a Patagonia consumer, but the female — not so much.

We chose to target females in a way that was encouraging and appeared to offer support to the women who wanted to become a part of the Patagonia “pack.” Using brand ambassadors to offer that sense of support and an honorary merit system where participants of various events could receive patches to apply to their backpacks, we created the #adoptapack campaign. Each backpack came with a product book that described how you could become part of the pack.

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Husband and wife team Wayne and Teri Derrow decided that after years of working for other snow plowing companies they would open one of their own. Located in Rexford, Montana, Snow-M-G! came to us seeking a logo and a set of business cards that could help them advertise and give their new business a running start for the winter season.

Since their business was extremely seasonal, we took it upon ourselves to ensure customers came back to them, even in the off-season hours. In order to do this, not only did we create a brand identity that is unique and will certainly stand out in their environment, but we also provided options for a website, letterhead, and other materials that could help them retain the business they had earned.

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Art Impact Interiors

A wonderful friend and fellow designer Nikole Kontrova is the Creative Director at Art Impact Interiors and when she called upon us to assist with the design of her residence in Huntington Beach, California — we were flattered and happy to help! We worked together in two rooms; first the bedroom, then the living room. Aspiring for a Scandinavian-style, we collaborated to create the spaces you see.

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